2017 New design Darwins Beard Catcher™ 2.0 – Trim Your Beard Hair Clippings in Minutes Without The Mess!

  • $20.90

Brand: Darwins Grooming

Color: grey


  • 2017 New Design Darwins 2.0 Apron Catches Your Beard Mustache Clippings
  • New Quality Material - Washing Machine Safe & Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Include Simple Instructions Label For Both Suction Cups and Catcher!
  • Brand New and Improved 2017 Suction cups! Best on the Market!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee! No Questions Asked!

Publisher: Darwins

Our King of Beard Products Has New Suction Cups & Premium Material 2017 Update! We Believe in Quality So We Just Updated Our Product With New Suction Cups & New Apron Material. The Suction Cups Are So Strong & Simple You Won't Believe It. The Apron Material Is Even Stronger Than Last Edition 1.0 & Finer, Making It More Difficult For Small Hair Trimmings To Get Stuck To The Material. Of Course The Beard Catcher Is Also Washing Machine Approved

Darwins Beard Catcher Bib is a Time and Mess Saver! Are You in a Hurry? Late For Work, Wedding, Birthday or Are You Simply Just Going Out With Your Boys For a Drink? Darwins Beard Catcher Allows You to Trim Your Beard In MINUTES! Without Any Mess!

No More MESSY Bathroom Sink & Strainer! Tired Of Your Man Messing Up Your Bathroom? Simply Because He Says It's Boring And Time Consuming? NOW You Can CHANGE That With Darwins Beard Catcher. He Wants A Happy Girlfriend And YOU Want A Nicely Trimmed Boyfriend and a Clean Bathroom! We Promise You Both!

No More Constantly Congested and Clogging Sink & Strainer! Stuffing and Cleaning The Hair Into The Sink Is an Awful Idea! Darwins Beard Catcher Will Save You The Plumber And Put It Nicely To Your Bin Without Any Effort!

Our Beard Bib Includes Instructional Booklet For Everyone To Understand We Included A Step By Step Instructional Booklet For Everyone To Understand. It's So Easy To Use And You Are SO Quick Trimming Your Beard!

Premium Gift Box! Darwins Beard Catcher Comes In a Premium Gift Box With Pictured Instructions! Perfect Boyfriend or Dad Gift Which Is Sure To Make a Great First Impression! :D

100% Money Back Guarantee! If You Don't Like The Product We Guarantee 100% Money Back With No Questions Asked!